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Cloud-based Applications for Local Government

Our mission is to lessen the financial and data processing burdens of local governments and other public agencies through efficient and effective use of the information technology systems and services we offer.


  • Submit an application form electronically for any membership position. Note: The application for leadership positions is currently closed.
  • Be from a town, city or other municipal agency within at state or territory of the United States
  • If you are applying for financial processing applications, you must:
    • Be authorized to legally bind your ogranization to a contract
    • Mail a wet-signed copy of our licensing/membership agreement
  • Upgrading from a Free CityApps to an Enhanced Mambership (full CityApps) account:
    • Required for any CityApp that performs Financial Transactions (accepts online payments from your citizens)
    • Requires signed contract from someone able to legally contract for your city (management, purchasing, etc.)
    • Requires credit card or other payment information to be on file for recurring billing

Application Process

  1. Fill in all required fields in the application below
  2. It is critical that your email address be your official city-issued account
  3. Our staff will verify the critical information with in 1-2 business days:
    1. Existance of your City's Website
    2. That your email address is active (automated at time of applicatation - you need to respond to the Applicant Confirmation email)
    3. That your email address is city-issued (matches the domain name of your website, or it will require additional time to validate)
  4. The option to upgrade your account for advanced/enhanced features will then be available

City Membership Application

Membership Application being re-built February 10-14, 2020. Please return on Feb 15th. Thank you.

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